79 – The atomic number of gold, designating the number of protons found in each atom. 50 – The number of miles of wire an ounce of gold can be stretched in to. The resulting wire would only be 5 microns in diameter. 9 – The number of square meters one ounce of gold can be hammered in to.

1,064 – The melting point of gold in degrees centigrade.

165,000 – The total number of tons of gold mined in human history.

8,000 – The number of cubic meters that gold would occupy.

100 – The amount of people, in millions, who depend on gold for their livelihood.

31.103 – The number of grams in a troy ounce.

60 – The percent of gold mined each year that becomes jewelry.

2,316 – The number of gold ounces contained in the largest nugget ever found. It was found in Australia and dubbed the “Welcome Stranger”.

35 – The number of times gold set all-time highs in 2010.